Best Dog Food Selection Guide

How To Select The Best Dog Food?

Every dog owner wishes to know the best dog food that they can give to their much-loved pets. Have you spent some time in the pet store recently? You surely have seen that there are numerous food choices available and they can really make your head spin.

Best Dog Food Ingredients – Starting Point

Before you buy, make sure that you read the labels, which will help you learn more about the product. In some cases, there are terms that might be new to you so a prior research may assist you in such circumstance. Here are a few:

• Alfalfa Meal – This ingredient is from the aerial part of the alfalfa plant. This is considered a good component because it is free from weeds, mold, and other crop plants.
• Animal Fat – This is from mammal or poultry tissues after extraction or rendering. This should not have free fatty acids but may predominantly contain glyceride esters.
• Dried Kelp – Also known as dehydrated kelp, this is dried seaweed prepared by simulated means of drying.
• Feeding Oatmeal – This is from rolled oat groats or oats. This may consist of oat groat chips, broken oat groats, and floury pieces with a few to no ground oat hulls present. It is typical that you will find hulls since it is unavoidable during the whole manufacturing process. It is significant however that any dog food that contains this ingredient must not have over 4% crude fiber.

What to Look For When Choosing The Best Dog Food Brand

While the above list contains only a small number of the lengthy collection of fundamentals, the most important thing that should be present in the dog food is meat. Chicken or lamb will do but the former is more preferred by vets because dogs digest them better. Avoid buying those with “meat meal” or with just “meat” in the label. Choose chicken meal as your first ingredient or lamb meal if your dogs prefer it.

By-products are not too bad, which consist of necks, heads, organs, stomach contents, and the like. Some people easily get turned off if they see this in the ingredients list, But do not let it bother you. Do check that the by-product component is specific (i.e. lamb or chicken by-product, not just meat by-product).

The best dog food may vary from one dog to another. This is because each animal has his or her own requirements. Nevertheless, if you take time to keenly observe and examine the products and your pet’s reaction to the food as well, you will eventually uncover the best food for your own dog.

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