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snuggie-blanket-dogsWith a lot of fashionable apparel available in the market for your pet dog, you are probably wondering what would make the new Snuggie Blanket for Dogs worth adding to your pet’s ever-growing wardrobe. Admittedly, there are all sorts of doggie blankets out there but what makes the Snuggie Blanket stand out is its unique blanket-with-sleeves design.

This ingenuous design ensures that your dog’s blanket will be kept securely in place at all times and no matter what it’s doing. Whether your pet is going around your home for a cozy pre-bedtime walk or it’s ready to take a nap, even the chilliest winds won’t cause your pet to shiver and get sick as long as it has the Snuggie Blanket to keep its furry body toasty warm.

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The fact that the Snuggie Blanket for Dogs comes with a fashionably stylish design does not either. They are also comfortably loose to allow your dogs the greatest amount of flexibility once it steps out of its bed. Available in beautiful pastel shades of blue and pink, you can make sure that your pet dog is wearing the appropriate color to prevent any confusion about its gender, or switch them around for fun.

One other great thing about this product is that the manufacturing company chose not to produce it with a one-size-fits-all design. Although the latter type certainly has its own benefits, there are also times when a uniform size can prove to be too loose or too tight for dogs of certain builds.

With the Snuggie Blanket for Dogs, pet owners will be able to choose from a wide range of sizes: XS is for toy breeds and pups that weigh approximately 5 to 7 lbs while L or Large-sized Snuggie Blankets are designed to fit dogs weighing at least 20 lbs or more. There are also Snuggie Blankets available in small and medium sizes.

If you have never purchased a Snuggie Blanket for your pet dog, now is definitely the best time to do so as you can currently get coupons to enjoy a buy-one-get-one FREE promo. Moreover, every purchase of a Snuggie Blanket for Dogs will also include a free recordable dog tag.

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Freebies offered by retailers and manufacturers are not the type you will find useful after some time. The freebie that comes with the Snuggie Blanket for Dog is different, though. Just like Snuggie Blankets, the recordable dog tag is something you can use for cats as well.

It’s also extremely easy to operate. Simply press the Record button at the center and you will be able to leave a recording of up to 10 seconds in length. That’s more than enough time to provide your address in the event that your dog or cat gets lost. To replace or re-record your message, just press the Record button again then press the Play button to hear your newly recorded message.

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